• The LCAP goals are aligned to the overall needs and expectations of the district and existing plans. Due to close to 79% of our students qualifying as unduplicated Foster Youth, EL and low-income students, all of our goals listed in this LCAP are intended to serve all Bayshore students with the exception of focused services for our English Learners.

    Working closely with stakeholders throughout the district, we have consolidated our previous five (5) goals in to three (3) goals. All actions and services from the original five (5) goals have been distributed throughout the three (3) new goals.

    The three (3) new goals of the LCAP are focused on the following:

    Goal 6: School Connectedness - Provide a healthy and positive school culture where all students experience supportive learning environment and opportunities that help them learn and thrive in a safe and engaging environment.

    Goal 7. Academics - Increase the academic achievement of all students while closing the opportunity and achievement gaps within our student groups.

    Goal 8. Basic Services - Provide resources and a physical environment that promote meaningful teaching and learning.

    2018-2019 Updated LCAP